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Plan B November 23, 2010

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Nov 17, 2010

A wonderful story from a dear friend…  In his youth his ambition was to be an Olympic swimmer as he lived on an island, was an excellent swimmer, and loved the sport.  Finally, when he started college he heard swimming coaches looking for Olympic talent would be at the college gym.  Showing up at 3AM he waited his turn for the talent scout.  After presenting his story, the scout asked him how tall he was and to show him his hands.  The scout’s quick reply was, “What is your plan B?”  My friend said he also would like to be a doctor.  The scout told him to go be a doctor.  Ever since, this wise man, now a kind and caring physician, has always developed a Plan B for his life’s activities and ambitions, big and small. (You might have guessed the would be Olympic swimmer was not a big man.)


One Response to “Plan B”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    lovely little story–works well for being so brief.

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