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A Sandwich with Over 50 Ingredients December 30, 2011

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Below is something I wrote last year and never got posted:  I plan to grow into this writing endeavor.  Try little pieces of things as they come to me or happen.  Study my reactions, watch my thoughts, jot a few words down.

13 November 2010

On the plane to Puerto Rico, fields hoary with frost on the way to the airport.  Lack of time and ingredients for a home-packed sandwich as I usually do forced a purchase of one in the Charlotte D concourse.  Turkey and cranberry– has over 50 ingredients (not kidding), some of the items unintelligible to me.

As I eat it I am reading “Better Off, Flipping the Switch on Technology,” by Eric Brende.  A book about his and his wife’s year living off the grid among some conservative Amish, I ponder my sandwich ingredient list wondering how it would look in the Amish garden on a little sign a scarecrow could hold in a gnarly stick hand.  Would God strike it down?  Would lightening find it?  What is this doing to our souls, I wonder, a simple sandwich with over 50 ingredients a half dozen or so chemicals.  Or, a better thought, perhaps in this case, it makes more sense to worry about its effect on our bodies than our souls?

I am thankful for my garden, that I love gardening, that I can touch the soil and eat things I grow.  Is this where we get the word ‘grounding?’  Our modern life takes us adrift from what is real and there is nothing like digging in the ground, the dirt, to bring us back.



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